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Sticky Ball Dart Board

Sticky Ball Dart Board

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1. The classic dart game with safety in mind. Using safety sticky balls, you will not need to worry about sharp darts causing injuries to children or making holes in the wall.

2. This dart board sets have strong stickiness. The balls will be 100% attached to the board. You can place the darts on the walls or doors of the room as a daily casual game for the kids, which can exercise the coordination of the body.

3. You can also interact with your friends as a decoration for your party. If you put it in the office it will be a great decompression toy. You can play a happy and safe dart game anytime, anywhere.

4. This detachable dart board is made of high quality and durable foam, can be used for a long time, the middle of the dart board is nylon material, with good viscosity, each ball can be firmly glued to the board.

Customer Reviews

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Elaina Bernhard

Target with what it takes to stick it to a door or a wall, friendly to play with friends or family! Funny game to play with children ^ ^!

Jaunita Marvin

Quality good came pomped ironed Iron Baby satisfied

Jayne Roob

Excellent game, my daughter liked it very much!

Roosevelt Purdy

The dinosaur itself is small, the balls stick well. The child is 1.7 months old. One thing is but, the edges bother, do not fix it on the Scotch tape.

Arianna Glover

Balls stick well. In the complete set the hook so that it was convenient to drive the target. I'm happy. Thank you

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