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Non-stick Egg Pot

Non-stick Egg Pot

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1. Whitford non-stick coating: Cooker King non-stick frying pan uses granite Whitford non-stick coating, 100% free of APEO and PFOA, special die-casting process, strong aluminum pan with excellent thermal conductivity. The scratch-resistant layer of the frying pan has super abrasion resistance, making this non-stick induction frying pan more durable.
2. Uniform heating, suitable for all stoves: The bottom of this non-stick pan is made of composite materials, which can be heated evenly, with low fuel consumption and energy saving. Compatible with electric stove, induction cooker, gas stove, etc.
3. Silicone handle: This pot has a unique silicone handle, which is comfortable to grip, heat-resistant, correct bend and curvature, and easy to cook.
4. Easy maintenance: cooking with less oil, healthy eating, and solving the problem of sticky pan and difficult to unload. It is best not to clean the non-stick pan with steel balls to avoid damage to the surface and coating. Remember to put the pot in a dry and cool place after cleaning.
5. Professional kitchenware, reliable service: Stove King non-stick pan is manufactured in strict accordance with quality standards and elegantly designed to provide you with excellent quality and practicality

Product information:
Material: Aluminum
Style: Korean
Function: Fried egg
Features: non-stick pan
Pot bottom material: composite multi-layer bottom
Applicable stove: general
Lid type: without lid
Depth: 2CM
A: Fried egg (gas type)
B: Fried egg (general purpose)
C: Iron four-hole circle 24CM

Packing list:
Fried egg pan*1

Customer Reviews

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Bernard Morissette

Non-stick Egg Pot

Herminio Davis

Non-stick Egg Pot

Melvina Eichmann

I loved it, I highly recommend it.

Sierra Reichel

The pan has arrived safe and sound, it's small but pretty! Delivery was very fast: only 11 days to Hungary. I will try my new pan tomorrow with making ham and eggs in it.

Joanie Kemmer

Non-stick Egg Pot

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