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Kitty Car Inflatable Bed

Kitty Car Inflatable Bed

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With this inflatable air bed, you can sleep comfortably in your car during car traveling. Easy to inflate or deflate. And the folding design makes it more convenient to use. The inflatable air bed can be commonly used in SUV, and it also suitable for outdoor use, like camping, traveling, holiday and other outside activities.


Made of fine quality flocking, safe, skin-friendly and environmental protection.

Soft and comfortable, providing a comfortable environment during car travelling for sleeping, making you can enjoy a nap while you are tired and avoiding accidents caused by fatigue driving.

Folding design, more convenient to use.

Easy to inflate or deflate.

Material: Flocking

Size after inflation: 135*80CM
Single package size: 32*28*13CM

Package List:
1 *Inflatable Bed
2 * Air Pillows
1 * Car Air Pump
1 * Three-use Gas Nozzle
2 * Repair Patch
1 * Glue
1 * Storage Bag

Note:. Because the new product will have a little smell. If you are more sensitive to smell, you can open the box or take it out for ventilation for 1-2 days. This product uses environmentally friendly materials. Healthy and rest assured

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