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Anti-dazzle Glass

Anti-dazzle Glass

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Size: 32*11CM
Material: PC, ABS
suitable models: universal type
Instructions :
Direct clip car sun visor


Night vision goggles: scatter the light on the opposite side of the car, making the headlights softer
Sunglasses: It can effectively block ultraviolet rays and strong sunlight, so that the sun's rays are
no longer glare.
The lens can be rotated freely, and the lens can be adjusted according to its own angle of view,
which is simple and convenient to use. Easy to install, not the traditional elastic band split design.

1. Reduce visual fatigue
In the longterm driving process, if the eyes are stimulated by strong light, it is easy to dazzle,
causing nervousness of the eyes,
causing high blood pressure,stomach ulcers and other diseases. This anti-vertigo mirror can reduce the flash stimulation and protect our eyes.

2. Soften the sun
The glare of the sun, the reflection of the body and the high beam of the headlights will seriously
affect the vision of both eyes.According to the survey, this antiglare mirror can soften the glare,
improve the definition of vision, reduce the feeling of vertigo, protect the eyes and improve driving safety.

3. Effective prevention of snow blindness
The snow in winter is strong, which is easy to cause snow blindness. There is a big safety hazard.
glare mirror can block your direct light and give you careful care.

4. Increase the distance of fog
The dusk of the dusk, the fog of the fog also has security risks, don't worry that you have this anti-glare mirror

5. All-round accessibility
Regardless of the model, the day and night lenses switch instantly.

installation method:

It is easy to install and is suitable for most small car CDs. It can effectively block ultraviolet rays, sunlight and big light lines when driving at night,
which will bring safety to your driving.


1 Do not approach the anti-glare sheet by hand to avoid leaving fingerprints to obstruct the line of sight;
2 When installing, gently push for edge portion of the anti-glare sheet by hand;
3 Gently sweep with a soft small brush when dust is too much, or blow off the dust with a blower;
4 Do not wipe with a coarse cloth or a dirty cloth. The product is provided with a flannel for cleaning.


Be sure to tear off the protective film on both sides before use. It is normal for the protective layer to have scratches. After removing the protective layer, there will be no scratches.

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Bruce Hyatt

Anti-dazzle Glass

Mackenzie Kilback

Order came in 1,5 months, track tracked. Everything is as in the description, convenient to use. Fastening on the visor is good, but not exactly sits on it.

Maximilian Von

Anti-dazzle Glass

Isabella Emmerich

Anti-dazzle Glass

Mollie Fisher

Anti-dazzle Glass

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