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Portable Air Humidifier

Portable Air Humidifier

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Item Description:

Mini Air Humidifier Aroma Oil Diffuser. 300ml water tank. With Colorful Night Light.
2 spray modes adjustable, once press for constant spray, twice for interval spray.
5V 1A micro USB powered, compatible with any device with USB port like laptop, desktop, power bank, socket, power outlet.
Aumomtic power off function,4 hours scheduled shutdown time for constant spray, 6 hours for interval spray.
Small and lightweight, perfect for home bedroom, office in 20-30 square meters, or portable for car, travel.


Rated input: DC5.0V / 1.0A
Working current: 250-350mA
Rated power: 1W
Water tank capacity: 300ml
Spray volume: 25-35ml / h
Scheduled shutdown time: 4 hours/6hours
Size: 78x119mm/3.07x4.68inch
Material: ABS/PP/Electronic components

Package Includes:

1 Piece Aroma Humidifier
1 Piece USB Cable
1 Piece User Manual
1 Piece Cotton Swab

It is not recommended to add essential oils
It is recommended to replace the cotton core every 15 days, which can inhibit the growth of bacteria.

2022 Air humidification cannot be ignored

  1. Dry air is easy to breed bacteria, and bacteria float everywhere, which can lead to rhinitis, sneezing, dry mouth and tongue.
  2. Staying in an air-conditioned room for a long time, the dry environment can cause wrinkles, muscle tightening, and static electricity.
  3. Poor humidifier will breed bacteria.

The most suitable air humidity is about 50%
Room Humidification Companion, Humidify the whole house

Colorful Atmosphere Lighting Comfortable slveep
Warm and romantic, giving life more romantic and soft light, while humidifying the night, give you a peaceful sleep experience.The lights can be switched on and off at will

Adopting large fog nano atomization technology
There will be no stagnant water after long-term use

Poor quality
After a few hours, the humidifier will accumulate water

Silver ions inhibit bacteria
Water storage is easy to breed bacteria, silver ions can inhibit bacteria to achieve healthy humidification

2 Spray modes
Large capacity the mist time last about 4-6hours

Humidifier Usage Guide
6 steps in order to use it:

  1. Cotton core wet water
  2. Into the spring
  3. Connected to the cover
  4. Add water to the tank
  5. Plug in the Power Cable

    Customer Reviews

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    Bethel Farrell

    The air in my bedroom (note

    I decided to go with this one

    Daren Spencer

    First of all

    decorative night light. A tiny

    Oran Hansen

    Tiny little personal humidifier best suited for placing at office desk. It comes with regular micro usb wire without travel adapter plug. Place this mini humidifier strategically on your desk to keep your face feeling hydrated all day long. It gives hours long cool air. It is a good option if you are a small space dweller or avid traveler. Since

    it can be carried in car while using in dry places like Pheonix.''

    Lysanne Trantow

    This little humidifier is exactly what I needed. I was waking up with dry eyes and the poor cats hated the static electricity when I pet them. I live in a 10x15 room with no floor space or even top space and so I needed something small. This is perfect. It is completely silent and easy to use and fill and clean. Completely silent. EDIT: A year later

    whcih was perfect. This new one isn't the same

    Palma Miller

    steam options light options great deal overnight or same day delivery usb charge, (tip connect to a portable power bank) USEFUL: dry nose, humidifier, facial steamer, sinus, allergy, moisturizer, around your plants etc IT IS A HUMIDIFIER ;) it works better than you think so realize that It will get moist around it so if you don't want it to get to wet, change setting, place a paper towel below or only run it for 30 min at a time . This shows you how powerful it is ",2022-02-26 00:38:00 UTC
    air-humidifier,,4,,Colton Rath,[****],Portable Air Humidifier,2022-04-10 08:36:00 UTC
    air-humidifier,,4,,Kiarra Prosacco,[****],Very good product

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