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Adult Folding Bathtub

Adult Folding Bathtub

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Suitable for: 200cm and under 220kg

Material: PP/TPE

Customer Reviews

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Alyson Bashirian

Durable and good to use also great And lid with stand bathroom moisture-proof Water fast food not good long data Price contrast product is really believe. Used by Bonnie half bath why good map know that the

Melyna Sporer

Packaging and delivery were good. As soon as it arrived, I immediately cleaned it and checked the condition. It was possible to easily unfold and fold the legs and the body of the bathtub. When you go into the bathtub, stretch your legs out and lean on your body. No problem. After receiving the hot water, I cover only 2 compartments without covering all the covers. However, the water temperature is maintained for a long time. I think it is a good product that allows for a satisfying full body bath!

Oran Abbott

Eight year old child the SAT when size Prego ~ Very generously size water play, good to buy! 163cm adult women sit higher and generously. Our home bathroom size even in perfect high ~ Fold 둬 wholesale spot up greatly in Taiwan! Other felines horse like water machine brushing buds, fold details are not cotton!

Grace Howell

Think more lot element use convenient to charge

Deshaun Hodkiewicz

Adult Folding Bathtub

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