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2pcs Car Mirror Eyebrows

2pcs Car Mirror Eyebrows

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Product Introduction
In rainy days, rainwater blurs the rearview mirror, making it impossible to observe the road conditions behind both sides when driving, which is very dangerous. Installing a pair of eyebrows for the rearview mirror will alleviate this problem! The product is very flexible and can bend freely to fit the style of rearview mirrors of various models. It is elegant and can be matched with any color mirrors to help block the rain wire and drive safer.

The product is made of high-grade resin material, which is not easy to deform, 3M cementation has good durability and is not afraid of rain.

With rain eyebrows, the vision of the rearview mirror can be kept clear in rainy days, and dust can be reduced on the rearview mirror in sunny days. It is very practical.

This product is installed on the rear-view mirror outside the car, which can shield rainwater. At the same time, because this product uses a special wind guide design, in the course of driving, the rain shield can guide the wind into the mirror of the rearview mirror, so that even if there are raindrops on the mirror, it will be blown off by the wind! To ensure the vision and safety of driving!

In addition, the material used in this product also has the characteristics of softness and strong toughness.

With rain eyebrows, the vision of the rearview mirror can be kept clear in rainy days, and dust can be reduced on the rearview mirror in sunny days, which is very practical.
Reminder: Eyebrows do not completely block the rain, but only the auxiliary role, as if wearing a raincoat, the face will still have rain, but can block the vast majority of raindrops, especially in driving, raindrops will hardly hit the mirror. There is an additional guarantee for driving safety.

Installation Introduction:
1. Before installation, please wipe the dust, grease stains and other stains on the rearview mirror with a towel and keep it dry. Then try the approximate installation position on the rearview mirror with this product, and tear off 3M glue to paste and install after confirmation.

2. After pasting, in order to ensure the stickiness of 3M glue, please install it in a sunny weather or at a temperature not less than 10 degrees Celsius.

3. Do not immerse immediately after installation to avoid reducing service life.

4. After installation, try to press it by hand for a while or by other means to ensure stickiness.

5. When installing in winter, please heat 3M glue with a blower or a hot blower to make full use of its stickiness.
Product size: 17*55cm
Material: PVC

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Clifton Crooks

Original tape tear off my high 3m paste this is sure to buy only

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2pcs Car Mirror Eyebrows

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2pcs Car Mirror Eyebrows

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2pcs Car Mirror Eyebrows

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2pcs Car Mirror Eyebrows

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