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Mini Sewing Machine

Mini Sewing Machine

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100% brand new and high quality
Material: ABS
Color as shown
Product size: 20.5cm*6.7cm*3.2cm
Hand-held sewing machine, single needle, battery or power adapter.
Small and light, portable and easy to carry.
It is very suitable for on-site maintenance and modification. It requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) or 6V 600mA power adapter (not included). It is very suitable for beginners and novices. It can be used with pre-installed threads.
Can be used at home, in offices, cars, etc.
Package included:
1 x Sewing machine (Batteries not included)
1 x Needle
2 x Bobbins with thread
1 x Needle threader
1 x Extension Spindle Pole
1 x User manual
1 x 1 Piece of cloth
1.The thickness of the fabric should be 1.8MM around, can't work with the fabric too thick or too thin
2.This is a Single Thread Sewing Machine, so you have to Tie A Knot by yourself
3.If the product can't work smoothly , please contact us for replacement
4.Can't mix the battery with different brand or mix the battery with old and new
5.Wait for a moment when the battery get too hot

Operating Steps:
1. Install 4 AA batteries (Can't mix the battery with different brand or mix the old battery with new battery)
2. Installation line, place the cloth
3. Hold the fabric with the left hand, gently press the right thumb gently, the mechine will automatically send the object to the left. The right hand does not move, let the machine feed itself, and the left hand controls the direction of the cloth. Stitch the line until the end of sewing, it can automatically feed and adjust the tightness between the stitches.
4. Knot: The Single Stitch, so you have to Tie A Knot by yourself.
5. Change the line group: Pull out directly, be careful not to drop the spring. For example, if you change the large line group, you can connect the spare extension rod to the spool shaft and insert the large thread group. Then re-thread the thread and adjust the tension of the thread. Sewing.
6. Change the needle: Loosen the fixing screw, install a new needle.


The machine does not sew, sew intermittent, what should i do?
1: Unscrew the screw, loosen the needle screw
2: Adjust the needle to a proper length,The height of the needle is neither too high nor too low. (the needle head can be seen from the hole ).
3: Tighten the screw till the needle is immovable. When tightening the screw, there is a groove on the needle body. This groove must face straight ahead.

Customer Reviews

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Brenda Trantow

Excellent works very well.

Tess Wiza

I haven't tried it yet but it seems that everything is fine

Ethyl Jacobs

now works will see after some time

Nedra Hansen

I have received my bulk order. Very fast delivery🙏I haven't tried it yet because it takes 4 batteries (in addition to the charger🤔). I will come back to give a comment to tell you if it is suitable or not. Thank you. Thank you.

Carlotta Ruecker

The sewing machine is well built and solid. Doesn't seem to be fragile. The operation is simple and you have to have firmness when running with it through the fabric to make the sewing. Well packed very well and with all parts. For the promotion it was very worthwhile and for quick and simple repairs is what is worth. Arrived in Brazil with 10 days and 2 more for the post office to deliver.

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