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Data Cable Protector Sheild

Data Cable Protector Sheild

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Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
Material: Silicone
Note: This product is only suitable for charging cables with small diameters
Feature 1: Headphone Cable Innovative Durable Headphone Cable Cover
Feature 2: Charger Protector Protective
Feature 3: Silicone Case Durable Convenient Wire Winder For Apple Accessories
Feature 4: Apple Data Cable Protector Convenient Portable Charger Protector
Feature 5: Wire Winder Portable

Apple Data Cable Protector Retractable Protective Portable Innovative Convenient Portable Charger Protector Wire Winder Stylish


Name: data line protective sleeve

Material: Silicone

Color: black, white, gray, fans, fog blue, matcha color



1. Compatible with a variety of data lines: Apple notebook, Android phone data line, Type-c data line and so on

2. Convenient and beautiful storage: it can also be used as a winding arrangement, binding line storage, and all-in-one protection

3. Binding ring design: One-piece binding ring design, easy to store wire, can also adjust the length of the wire

4. The built-in anti-skid groove is not loose: close fit does not slide, suitable for convenient does not hurt the data line

5. Safety and leakage prevention: the protective sleeve of the anti-folding data line protects the charging line head from breaking to prevent safety problems such as leakage and short circuit caused by breaking.

Package Included:

2 * Protective sleeve


Customer Reviews

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Okey Rohan

Data Cable Protector Sheild

Gisselle Herman

I bought gray and it came in blue color, besides it came two points type L instead of a USB.

Myrtie Kulas

Data Cable Protector Sheild

Brooks Harvey

Thank you

Raoul Pagac

As described, arrived in 2 weeks

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