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Automatic Dumpling Machine

Automatic Dumpling Machine

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• Automatic Electric Functionality :This dumpling machine boasts automatic electric functionality, making it a hands-off kitchen solution for quick and efficient dumpling production.


• Rapid Prototyping Mold :Equipped with a rapid prototyping mold, this machine allows for the creation of dumplings with precision and efficiency, saving you time and effort.


• Integrated Spoon and Brush :The device comes with an integrated spoon and brush, providing you with all the tools you need for a seamless dumpling making experience.


• Versatile Use :Whether you're in the mood for Chinese, Korean, or Japanese dumplings, this versatile machine can help you create a variety of dumpling types at home.


• Compact Design :Its compact design makes it an ideal addition to any kitchen, taking up minimal counter space while delivering maximum functionality.


• Easy to Use :With its user-friendly design, this dumpling machine is easy to use, making it perfect for both beginners and seasoned home chefs.



Material: ABS PC
Color: Light Gray
Weight: 400g
Charging mode:USB
Endurance:High Capacity Battery, long life
Points to note:Don't soak it in water
Packing list:Electric dumplings, brush, pick spoon, charging line, manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 149 reviews
Cynthia Hessel

jeszcze nie próbowałam lepić pierogów ale wydaje się ok . tylko brak silikonowych nóżek i się ślizga. a w instrukcji jest zaznaczone że powinny być w zestawie

Eleazar Schoen

Put the dumpling wrapper and stuffing on it, press the button and the dumpling is ready. Moreover, the machine is waterproof and easy to clean. Just rinse it with water and it will be clean.

Maureen Paucek

The first one I sent was damaged due to boring problems, and the merchant immediately resent me a new one. The service was very good and the after-sales service was great! ! recommend

Sheila Ratke

The dumplings it make are very uniform and look very beautiful! And this machine can put an appropriate amount of meat in dumplings. In general, I strongly recommend it.

Hanna Eichmann

The fully automatic dumpling machine is very easy to use. I have communicated with the seller a lot and he replied enthusiastically to me. I recommend this store

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