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Waterfall Kitchen Sink

Waterfall Kitchen Sink

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Note before buying:

1. Please confirm the amount of customs duties levied by the local customs on the product before purchasing. Buyer is responsible for customs duties. If you cannot accept it, please do not place an order, thank you!

2. Since the sink is a large package, the logistics method is "Cainiao Heavy Package Special Line", and the transportation time is long, and it is expected to be shipped within 35-50 days. please wait patiently.

Our range of kitchen sinks will support your kitchen. Each sink is built to grades for optimum performance, including support for sturdiness, hygiene and strong corrosion resistance. These sinks have a wonderful modern design and also come with waste and filters. Every kitchen needs kitchen accessories, high quality, beautiful sinks and cleaner sinks. Make you fall in love with the kitchen and bring convenience to the kitchen.

Product parameters:

Product name: Sink

Product material: stainless steel

Size: 68X45CM, 75X45CM

Sink height size: 22Cm

Manufacturing: Integral stretch forming of stainless steel plates

Surface technology: Soft oiled brushed surface

Product features: large capacity, no dirt, intelligent digital display, double-layer slide rail design can move left and right

Uses: Can wash dishes, fruits and vegetables.

Product features: brushed surface, stainless steel texture! Good stability, not only not dazzling, but also can withstand repeated wear and tear of porcelain and tableware, easy to clean.

Applicable Ocns: Can be used in hotels, restaurants, homes, etc.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 115 reviews
Abraham Haley

Everything is packed just fine. The mixer is packed in a cardboard box with a foam polyethylene spoon. I will complete the review when I have an Astal)

Alvis Lebsack

Chudova yakiste!

Halle Pfeffer

I have been waiting for this order more than ever!😄
Washing arrived in 3 weeks-very quickly!
I immediately looked at the dents-they are not there!
All the parts are in stock and very cool! especially hit the crane-very heavy!
I hope it will not be difficult to install this machine)
P.S all the girlfriends came running to the car wash to look! they said-class!

Roel DuBuque

I love it! Sink furnace, metal looks expensive and noble! The mixer is excellent, the modes are different. Kitchen collectors have not even seen such))) recommend! And the order arrived faster than promised, without any comments.

Jean Kreiger

It exceeded my expectations. All the bits and pieces are included and all of them are having a nice finish.