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Skin Tag Removal Kit

Skin Tag Removal Kit

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【Safe & Painless】Our skin tag remover tool is safe and painless to remove skin tags at home, natural and chemical-free. It helps restore skin's beauty and health!
【High-Efficiency】This skin tag remover can make the skin tag slowly shrinks with color changing and finally falls off within 7-15 days! Solving the problem troubled you for years in a few days!
【Easy To Use】First, clean the skin tag and surrounding area. Second, connect the loader to the end of the pen and place the removal band on the loader, then scroll it down to the pen. Third, remove the loader from the pen. Forth, position pen on the skin tag. Fifth, once it's level with the skin surface, push the button to release the removal band. Finally, the removal band is tied to the bottom of the skin tag until it falls off.
【Package Included】The Package Includes 1 Remover Pen and 10 replacement removal bands. Replacement removal bands allow you to use it multiple times and restore your beauty skin.
【Wide Application】Our skin tag remover pen is ideal for getting rid of annoying skin tags which sized between 2mm to 4mm. In addition to sensitive eye areas, skin tag remover can be applied to all areas of the face and body.


Product Name: Acne Removal Pen
Function: other body care
Applicable object: Adult
Color: Standard acne-free patch, standard acne-free patch

Package Content :
1* Skin Removal Pen
10* Removal Bands

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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Marina Heidenreich

Skin Tag Removal Kit

Emely Howe

Very little rubber bands, 3 PCs.

Theo Hansen

Looks like the mole is drying out but being on the back every night the rubber drops and I have to put a new one every day

Eden Schmitt

I hope it works very well.

Quincy Bosco

works as it should