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Matte Black Nano Kitchen Sink

Matte Black Nano Kitchen Sink

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Kacey Reinger

The siphon is very bulky and there is nothing to replace it, and it is very problematic and inconvenient to add soap to the dispenser.

Cleo Larson

Delivering took 1 month here, but that was not up to the supplier because he sent it immediately.
It was a while with the connections but it is a nice quality product.
With customs clearance costs (30 euros), all together was still cheaper than buying such a set here at a hardware store/kitchen shop. The faucet has different settings, you can just fill the built-in soap pump from the top and the window wash is also nice. But it does go tough. I'm very happy with it. It is all together nice price quality ratio.

Vena Moore

Everything perfect! We needed to speed up the order and the seller suggested that we buy the sink first and then the tap. We did so and in two days I will come home. Good service, everything perfect and the seller deal! I recommend 100%

Charles Quitzon

The Mijka Duje Clasna, came to the Ukraine for the world, the Garno is packed with a doykhala without a pokoshjen, I am puzzled, I recommend it when I sell it.

Emmalee Crist

I bought it and it arrived with a small dent, I did not return it because it had taken a long time for customs, seller is not answering me. Itself the VAT is very beautiful and wall be good quality, unfortunately only this setback.