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Handheld Electric Brush

Handheld Electric Brush

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The charging model just arrived is a virtual battery, which needs to be recharged before use. The electric brush cannot be used when charging

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Received good comments from buyers


        There are two types of brush, one is battery brush, one is rechargeable brush (can be used for

3 ~ 4 hours), and there are three types of brush head, one is dirty brush, one is polishing brush,

one is gentle brush. It also comes with wall mount and wall mount. The product itself is a

complete set, and spare brushes can be purchased separately

This electric shower brush is designed with 3 brush heads to meet your different needs.

The seamless glue hook can be glued to the wall, you can use it to fix

your brushes, saving space.

Fast and efficient cleaning brush, you can use it to clean tiles, bathtubs,

countertops, etc.

The ABS plastic handle is comfortable to hold, durable and not easily


Size: 200 X 110mm/7.87 X 4.33in

Easy cleaning

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Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews
Samir Dach

The parcel arrived quickly. All OK. Thank you.

Green Pagac

I was too eager to receive it

Amara Considine

looks exactly as the picture, quick delivery, thank you!

Abbigail Harris

Thank you for the goods.

Kadin Corwin

I took the version on batteries. Works fine! Of course not magic, but to clean up much Easier than rubbing a normal brush. Laundered sq. m. after the Congress, 4 batteries were enough for 3 hours of non-solder work. Washed all and walls (washable wallpaper) and metal countertop and linoleum. In general, the thing is comfortable and not expensive! Its money is definitely worth it! I recommend to buy.