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Electric U-shaped Toothbrush

Electric U-shaped Toothbrush

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Product Description:
Product Name: Children's U-shaped toothbrush
Material: Food grade silicone+PP
Color: pink, blue
Waterproof grade: IPX7


Packing list:
1*Children's U-shaped toothbrush


Product advantages:
1. cute cartoon design, baby loves brushing teeth
2.Brush teeth quickly in 60 seconds, and the cleanliness can reach 99%
3. food grade silicone soft brush head, healthier to use
4. thin and soft toothbrush bristles protect baby's teeth
5. silicone material, anti falling, durable
6. DC charging, intelligent endurance of 30 days
7.Three cleaning modes are adjustable, 360 ° comprehensive tooth cleaning
8. Ipx7 grade whole body waterproof, brushing teeth while bathing, adding fun to brushing teeth
9.45 degree pasteurization

Usage method:

1 before use, squeeze the toothpaste evenly at the left, middle and right positions on the front and back sides of the toothbrush head
2. adjust to the appropriate gear, swing the toothbrush head back and forth left and right, and complete the cleaning in 60 seconds
3. after brushing, just rinse the toothbrush head and turn on the sterilization mode to dry it

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Electric U-shaped Toothbrush

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Electric U-shaped Toothbrush

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