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Bed Sheet Clips

Bed Sheet Clips

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Bed Sheet Clips Anti-Slip Clamp Quilt Bed Cover Grippers Fasteners Mattress Needle Duvet Holder For Sheet Clothes Buckle

Material: PP
color: gray
Size: 4.7x12cm
product contains: 1 set of bed sheet clip
1. Prevent the quilt and duvet from gathering and shifting, no longer shaking and shifting, so that the quilt and the flat plate fit more closely, allowing you to sleep peacefully all night.
2. Not only can be used for all kinds of bedding, but also can be tried for other things! You can use our needle-free fixation artifact to hang decorations, curtains, fix other clothing covers and more!
3. We use a needle-free environmentally friendly plastic durable duvet cover with fixed corners to fix the sheet clip, which is safe for your family and will not damage and stain the quilt.
4. One is used for each corner of the bed diagonally, the cover clip can be easily connected to all 4 corners. You can install and remove the creative clasp design in a few seconds. Simple and efficient quilt support.
5. The blanket fastener is enough for you to use for a long time.

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Customer Reviews

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Kraig Keebler

It's very good, the blanket is not lost in the duvet cover, and other things can be used to hold

Jazmin Hagenes

Is Cool more effective than I thought

Rebeca Tromp

Convenient. The blanket does not run away. Silicone-type circles, not plastic, soft.

Cyrus Ullrich

It's easy to write.

Lina Raynor

I liked my mother very much, for this five stars ..