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304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

304 Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink

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Note before buying:
1. Please confirm the amount of customs duties levied by the local customs on the product before purchasing. Buyer is responsible for customs duties. If you cannot accept it, please do not place an order, thank you!
2. Since the sink is a large package, the logistics method is "Cainiao Heavy Package Special Line", and the transportation time is long, and it is expected to be shipped within 35-50 days. please wait patiently.
Our range of kitchen sinks will support your kitchen. Each sink is built to grades for optimum performance, including support for sturdiness, hygiene and strong corrosion resistance. These sinks have a wonderful modern design . Every kitchen needs kitchen accessories, high quality, beautiful sinks and cleaner sinks. Make you fall in love with the kitchen and bring convenience to the kitchen.
Product parameters:
Product name: Sink
Product material: stainless steel
Size: 68X45CM, 75X45CM
750x450-D ,750x450-D1,750x450-D2 ,The three types are digital display faucet sinks.
Sink height size: 21Cm
Sink stainless steel thickness: 3mm
Manufacturing: Integral stretch forming of stainless steel plates
Surface technology: Soft oiled brushed surface
Product features: large capacity, no dirt, intelligent digital display, double-layer slide rail design can move left and right
Uses: Can wash dishes, fruits and vegetables.
Product features: brushed surface, stainless steel texture! Good stability, not only not dazzling, but also can withstand repeated wear and tear of porcelain and tableware, easy to clean.
Applicable : Can be used in hotels, restaurants, homes, etc.
Nano coating/not easy to rust/upgrade the right drainage
A sink meets your basic needs/saves kitchen space
It can really free your hands, and the efficiency of cleaning fruits and vegetables is higher
The water from the waterfall is even and soft, delicate without splashing
Quickly clean the dirt on the skin of various vegetables and fruits
Turn the tap to the left to discharge water/turn the rain to the right to discharge water
1. Cut immediately after washing/wash while cutting without getting in the way
2. Exquisite water/cleaning without dead corner, saving time
3. Press the button to switch/scrape away the residual dirt on the dishes
The tableware is not easy to block the water outlet, buffering the drainage speed, avoiding the accumulation of a large number of residues at the water outlet, which is more convenient for cleaning
The tableware placed above the drain cover is easy to slow down and even cause blockage
Reduce hands to remove the cover and drain water, no need to touch sewage, convenient and sanitary
Free hands, easily lift the console control, and the water flow can be discharged easily
Press the cup down to spray water and clean the cup
The hot water pipe must be connected to supply hot water
Cleaning food and tableware is a small matter that concerns the health of family members. Choosing nano antibacterial water tank can ensure the health of family members
Double layered mobile track with built-in sliding bar
Pot in pot/chopping board can move freely
1. Solid wood chopping board: it can easily cut vegetables and expand the kitchen counter space when handling kitchen
2. Basin in basin: change into double grooves in seconds, save water, store water, soak and clean fruits and vegetables
210mm deep inner trough, easy to put frying pan, easy to handle tableware for 10 people
Digital display faucet sink
*Note: During the installation of the sink, the simple master line length shall open a hole before the installation
Right mounted launching - deep large space
Can also place kitchen supplies and electrical appliances
With small basin and middle basin, the whole trough can be moved
Realize water holding, water saving, time and labor saving
360 ° all-round cleaning, with the longest extension of 30-50cm
Say goodbye to the faucet single water column mode
The faucet is equipped with four water outlet modes: shower water, bubble water, blade water and waterfall sprinkling
The water from the waterfall is even and soft, delicate without splashing, which can really free your hands and quickly wash all kinds of dirt and pesticide residues hidden in the skin and inside of vegetables and fruits
Turn left the tap to get out of the water, and turn right the waterfall to get out of the water
Waterfall sprinkling outlet is made of soft silica gel, which can let you have no trouble
It is concluded from 100000 repeated tests that the deepening and capacity increase of the trough basin are just right

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Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews
Davonte Daniel

Very high quality product, seller sent fast, product arrived fast TBM, congratulations

Lillian Padberg

Everything very well packed. Arrived here in the interior of General Mines in approx 7 working days, product with quality material, accompanies connections for assembly. Attentive and correct seller, recommend!. I put a big pen next to the tap, to measure the actual size, it really impresses!

Lewis Herman

Super recommended!!! I have not installed yet, but the product is of excellent quality and the delivery was very fast.

Deshaun Leannon

Excellent quality! Faithful to the ad. Recommend!

Norris McDermott

Great, but didn't come the wooden board.